【Review】Amari Don Muang Airport Bangkok, Thailand

【Review】Amari Don Muang Airport Bangkok, Thailand Thailand
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Amari Don Mueang Airport Bangkok is adjacent to Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok, Thailand. The hotel and airport are connected by a walkway, making it an ideal choice for travellers who need to catch an early morning or late night flight. Not having to go outside the airport is also a plus.


It was past 10:00 p.m. when I arrived at Don Mueang Airport, and it would be a hassle to go to the city center to look for a hotel at that time, and it would also be a hassle to look for a hotel after getting out of the airport, so I booked a hotel next to the airport.

The reservation was made through Trip.com for THB1,626, almost the same price as the official site. There were cheaper hotels within walking distance from the airport, but the Amari Hotel which is directly connected to the airport, was the most convenient!


amari don muang airport bangkok entrance from don mueang airport

Arrive at Terminal 2 of Don Mueang Airport and walk to Terminal 1 where there is a direct bridge to the hotel. After a 5-minute walk from Terminal 2, you will arrive at the Terminal 1 arrival. The direct connection bridge is right in front of that arrival.

bridge at amari don muang airport bangkok

I crossed that long bridge feeling the humid, hot air of Bangkok because the air conditioner was not running. This is an airport hotel, but it does not mean it is in the airport, so you must walk a bit.

reception in amari don muang airport bangkok

Airport hotels are often crowded late at night, but the Amari Don Muang Airport Hotel was never crowded and check-in went smoothly. If there were a line to check in after arriving at the hotel late at night, it would be extra tiring.

Deluxe Twin Room

Check-in was smooth and we went straight to our rooms, but the hotel was huge. I finally arrived at my room, feeling a little lost.

deluxe twin room in amari don muang airport bangkok

On the way to the room, I knew the furniture and carpet were old. I liked the room size of 32 square meters, which I think is large for an airport hotel. Room size is essential because some airport hotels do not allow you to expand your luggage.

complimentary teabag was TWG at amari don muang airport bangkok

What I like most about this room is that the complimentary tea bags were TWG. This tea brand is my favourite; I often see it in luxury 5-star hotels.

deluxe twin bathroom in amari don muang airport bangkok

bath amenities in amari don muang airport bangkok

I had a problem while taking a shower, the shower head could not be fixed, and the direction of the water was not stable. Also, there is no door in the wet room, so water went all over the bathroom.


swimming pool in amari don muang airport bangkok

Many airport hotels have pools, but they are not very crowded. Hotel pools in Bangkok are often crowded, so you may choose to play in these hotel pools.

fitness center in amari don muang airport bangkok

The fitness centre was more like an ample space with machines and cardio machines than a room. Still, it is satisfactory for a light workout, so getting moving before or after a long flight is a good idea.


breakfast in amari don muang airport bangkok

In my experience, airport hotel breakfasts are always crowded no matter what time you go, and this hotel is no exception.

breakfast in amari don muang airport bangkok

Still, I have a good impression of the breakfast at this airport hotel. There is a lot of staff, and they quickly replenish food when it runs out.

breakfast in amari don muang airport bangkok

I am wondering why there is miso soup in Thai airport hotels. I have found Korean and Japanese food for breakfast in various hotels other than airport hotels, but none are good. Do Koreans and Japanese also like to come to Thailand to eat their own food, which is not good?

My Verdict

Value for Money7/10
Overall Experience7/10

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Bottom line

I did not expect much from an airport hotel, but the service and room size exceeded my expectations. Especially the smooth check-in was a plus. Of course, the hotel is old and the bathrooms are not very user-friendly, but you can definitely relax at the hotel before or after your flight.

Have you stayed at the Amari Don Muang Airport Bangkok? If so, please share your thoughts in the comments section below.