【Review】Sengan-en at Kagoshima, Japan

sengan-en kagoshima japan Japan
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Sengan-en is a traditional garden and stately home in Kagoshima, built-in 1658 by Mitsuhisa, the 19th patriarch of the Shimazu family. Sengan-en uses the principle of ‘borrowed scenery’ and incorporates elements of the active volcano of Sakurajima and the backdrop of Kinko Bay as part of the garden. There are highlights of Sengan-en like The House, The Gardens, the Shoko Shuseikan Museum, etc., are worth visiting.


sengan-en kagoshima japan

The entrance of Sengan-en

sengan-en kagoshima japan
It’s exciting the way that the chrysanthemum grows.

sengan-en kagoshima japan
A lot of chrysanthemums that you will see, and it’s enormous.

sengan-en kagoshima japan
There is a lot of traditional wooden made gate that looks gorgeous.

sengan-en kagoshima japan
The bonsai tree is enormous!!

sengan-en kagoshima japan
This is the best part of this Japanese garden. It overlooks the active volcano “Sakurajima.”

sengan-en kagoshima japan

Old traditional Japanese house with stone paved.

sengan-en kagoshima japan
This epic reminds me of one of the scenes from an anime drama, but I cannot name it!!

sengan-en kagoshima japan
Did you notice the stone monument in the mountains? You can get there by hiking from here. Anyone wants to try?

sengan-en kagoshima japan

The view of the Goten from the outside.

I want to live in front of such a vast Japanese garden at least once.

sengan-en kagoshima japan

Goten from Shimadzu Family

To enter the Goten, an admission fee of ¥500 is required in addition to the garden admission fee. Combo tickets with the garden entrance fee are also available.

sengan-en kagoshima japan
What a Japanese courtyard this is!

sengan-en kagoshima japan

sengan-en kagoshima japan

Room from The Goten

sengan-en kagoshima japan

Aisle from The Goten

sengan-en kagoshima japan

The corridor from The Goten

The house was built from Yakushima cedar wood cut from trees over 1,000 years old. The house has a fascinating combination of Japanese and Chinese influence and shows the truly international nature of the Shimadzu clan.

sengan-en kagoshima japan
This is how the traditional Japanese garden typically comes with the pond and the plant arrangement. Koi are also a must for Japanese gardens!


It is far from Kagoshima’s town center, so you need to take a car or a bus to get there. The train would be more convenient, but unfortunately, no station is nearby.


  • 20 minutes from Kagoshima Chuo Station
  • 40 minutes from Kagoshima Airport

Parking is next to the garden, but don’t forget the ¥300 parking fee. It is advisable to have coins ready as payment by card is not accepted.


  • Kagoshima City View Bus
  • Machi Meguri Bus
  • Public bus services

Conveniently, three buses go to the Senganen-mae bus stop. If you often take Sakurajima Ferry, trams, or buses for sightseeing, getting a “CUTE” for 1,200 yen for a one-day pass is better! More details can be found here.

Sengan-en tour on YouTube

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Address: 9700-1 Yoshinocho, Kagoshima, 892-0871, Japan
Operation hours: 9 am to 5 pm (Monday to Sunday)
Entrance fee
Garden, Museum, Goten combo ¥1,500/adult, ¥750/child
Garden, Museum combo ¥1,000/adult, ¥500/child

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