【Review】The Shore Sky Tower Malacca Malaysia

【Review】The Shore Sky Tower Malacca MalaysiaMalaysia

The Shore Sky Tower is the most tallest building in Malacca City as it has 43 floors. The observation deck is the main attraction in the Shore Sky Tower. Visitors need to go floor 42 to buy tickets then only can enter to the observation deck. Visitors can enjoy to watch sunset and 360 degree of Malacca city view on the rooftop.

The time that we visit is around 6.30pm to 8pm so we can watch the sunset and night view at the same time that the lights slowly glow up the city.


ticket counter
Ticket counter

the shore sky tower
The way to go up floor 43.

the shore sky tower
The landscape view of Malacca city.

the shore sky tower
The transparent glass box to let people see the bottom view of the city.

the shore sky tower
Malaysia flag with spectacular view.

the shore sky tower
The seven dwarfs from the Snow White movie.

the shore sky tower
The sunset view with the glass fences.

the shore sky tower
Full of city lights.

the shore sky tower
Sunset view almost gone to welcome the night view.

the shore sky tower
Suitable for taking portrait and landscape pictures.

The Shore Sky Tower tour in YouTube

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Ticket price
(Adult) : RM25 (Mon – Thu) | RM35 (Fri-Sun)
(Kids) : RM18 (Mon – Thu) | RM25 (Fri – Sun)

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Tower 1, 42 & 43F, The Shore Shopping Gallery
193, Pinggiran @ Sungai Melaka, Jalan Persisiran Bunga Raya, 75100, Malacca

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