【Review】Batu Caves Temple in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

batu caves Malaysia
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There are a lot of races in Malaysia especially these three types of race such as Malay, Chinese and Indian. However, there are different religions for different places to pray.

Batu Caves belong to Hindu shrines and it is one of most popular places to visit in Malaysia. Batu Caves are also known as the tenth cave or hill for Lord Murugan, as there are six important holy places in India and the other four in Malaysia. It was built since 1891 and we were surprised that this beautiful place can be maintained so well.


Lord Murugan

Lord Murugan statue in Batu Caves temple.

Lord Murugan

The view from the back of Lord Murugan statue.

hindu shrine batu caves

Hindu shrine in Batu Caves.

batu caves

The inside scene of Batu Caves.

batu caves

Peacock is the national bird of India so its rich religion and legends are involved in the traditions of Indian.

batu caves

Such a gorgeous view from the bottom to up.

batu caves

The natural rock scene is just surprising beautiful as it is showing the age.

Batu Caves tour in YouTube

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Entrance: Free Entry
Address: Gombak, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor
Contact: 03-6189 6284

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