【Review】Audi Dream Farm Penang Malaysia

audi dream farm penang Malaysia
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Do you guys ever been to Balik Pulau? Balik Pulau is more to nature side area for people to enjoy the scenery of the old good time. Besides, there are a lot of different types of farm to visit.

Audi Dream Farm is one of the farms for Balik Pulau attraction. There are different entrance fees for foreigner and mykad holder. If you are Malaysian, remember to show your IC to the reception and get discount from the standard fee!


Audi dream farm entrance

Audi dream farm entrance

rabbit cages in audi dream farm

The rabbit cage has a really small space for each rabbits.

bambi deer in audi dream farm

The Bambi deer looks hungry!

horse in audi dream farm

Pretty horse with new haircut!

cow in audi dream farm

Cow is available to visit too.

goat in audi dream farm

Goat seek for food by making sound.

small green parrots

Few small parrots are here to say hello!

bambi deer

Female Bambi deer looks so gentle and quiet.

Audi Dream Farm tour in YouTube

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Address: 145, MK B, Sg.Rusa, 11010 Balik Pulau, Penang, MALAYSIA.
Entrance fee
Mykad (Adult|Child): RM 10 | RM 5
Foreigner (Adult|Child): RM 25 | RM 15
Food feeding: RM15

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