【Review】Damai Beach Resort Kuching Malaysia

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Located between the South China Sea and Mount Santubong, Damai Beach Resort is about 40 minutes by car from the center of Kuching City, and the Sarawak Cultural Village, the most popular tourist spot in Kuching, is right in front of the resort.

entrance at damai beach resort

Beautiful floral decorations await you at the entrance.


chalet in damai beach resort

The rooms are 53 square meters in size and have large king bed in middle.

coffee and rea set in damai beach resort

On the cabinet, two mugs, a kettle, a sugar set, two bottle of water and a coffee and tea(Lipton) set were provided.

chalet bathroom in damai beach resort

The bathrooms is a bit small for one adult and is designed as modular bath.

bath amenities in damai beach resort

A shower cap, body soap, shampoo and vanity kit are provided.


pool in damai beach resort

The pool is right in front of the beach, and there was also a pool for children!

damai beach is front of damai beach resort

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great, but on a clear day, you can see a beautiful beach!


breakfast in damai beach resort

Breakfast was buffet with Malay and continental.

My Verdict

Service 7/10
Breakfast 5/10
Pool 6.5/10
Design 7/10
Wi-Fi 3/10
Location 7.5/10
Value for Money 6.5/10
Overall Experience 6.5/10

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