【Review】Permai Rainforest Resort Malaysia

【Review】Permai Rainforest Resort Malaysia Malaysia
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An eco-resort, Permai Rainforest Resort is located on the beach at the foot of the mysterious Mount Santubong in Sarawak, an untouched tropical rainforest on the island of Borneo. 44 acres of lush forest is a veritable eco-heaven, and the resort is located in the heart of the island of Borneo. It is a 40-minute drive from Kuching.

reception in permai rainforest resort

The reception desk is a hut that foreshadows the entrance to the jungle.

Tree House

tree house in permai rainforest resort

Tree house is at the top of the stairs.

tree house in permai rainforest resort

The room is simply designed with a bed, chair, and table. By the way, there is no TV or Wi-Fi, so you can be away from the Internet and enjoy nature!

balcony in permai rainforest resort

There is a balcony where you can relax in the jungle forest with a view of the South China Sea, but beware of insects and mosquitoes.

proboscis monkey in permai rainforest resort

You can also see a variety of animals from the balcony. This monkey is not ordinary monkey, it is a proboscis monkey, which is only found on the island of Borneo!

amenities in permai rainforest resort

On this cabinet, two mugs, kettle and bottle of water are provided.

tree house bathroom in permai rainforest resort

Bathrooms are also simple in design, with a shower and toilet. Since only solid soap is available, you may want to bring your own body soap or shampoo if necessary.


permai rainforest resort

Permai Rainforest Resort is located deep in the Borneo jungle

pool in permai rainforest resort

What a beautiful natural freshwater pool!

stream in permai rainforest resort

Enjoy only the sound of the stream and nature.

permai rainforest resort

Everywhere is rich in green nature and makes you forget the hustle and bustle of the city.

proboscis monkey(long nosed monkey) is in permai rainforest resort

How cool is the Proboscis monkey is just chilling on the tree.

sunset at permai rainforest resort

We were fortunate to see the sunset in the rain day!!


breakfast in permai rainforest resort

Breakfast is available at the “The feeding tree” which serves Asian and Western breakfast dishes.

My Verdict

Service 4/10
Breakfast 5/10
Pool 7/10
Design 8.5/10
Wi-Fi 2/10

Available at reception and cafe only

Location 6/10
Value for Money 7/10
Overall Experience 6/10

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