【Review】Trong Leisure Farm and Resort Perak Malaysia

trong leisure farm & resort Malaysia
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Looking for short trip with family in Perak? There is a duck farm that also provide accomodation service that you can make short trip like 2 days 1 night for enjoying the stay and playing with the duck at the same time. The duck farm has huge amount of the ducks like from baby duck to adult duck. The entrance fee is around RM8 per adult and you need to sit on a truck to get the duck farm destination as they had provided. Duck food is available for feeding the duck as it costs around RM1 only.


duck farm entrance

Welcome to Trong Leisure Farm and Resort

duck farm truck

This truck will bring us to the duck farm destination.

ducks rest

The ducks rest under the tree shade.

duck swim

Ducks like to swim on the pond and remember not to jump into the pond.


A lot of ducks has already become adult but still cute.

baby duck

Tiny and cute baby duck.

baby duckling

A lot of baby ducklings as well.

baby duck feeding

Baby duck feeding time!

duck farm

These ducks have their own food as well in the other side of the duck farm.

duck swim

Most of the duck here like to chill at the pond area.

duck farm

A lot of cute ducks here!

duck walk

1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 ducks are walking together!

Trong Leisure Farm & Resort tour in YouTube

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Address:  PT293, Jln Kuala Trong, 34800 Terong, Perak
Contact: 010 464 0918

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