【Review】Zoo Taiping Malaysia

【Review】Zoo Taiping Malaysia Malaysia
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Zoo Taiping is considered as the most oldest zoo in Malaysia. Zoo Taiping and Night Safari are located in a natural environment near the foot of Taiping Lake and Maxwell Hill in Taiping, Perak, where rivers, lakes, rich flora and fauna come together to form a beautiful and unique green nature. A beautiful and unique green nature scene. This natural scenery has become one of the zoo’s special features.

taiping zoo entrance

Zoo Taiping is the only zoo located in the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia. With 36 acres of zoo area, the Zoo Taiping has started to renew and introduce animal exhibits with an open concept. It was introduced by considering the animals in their original habitat. Visitors are also attracted by the natural beauty of the displays and the suitable stability of construction.

This Zoo is home to 140 species of 1,200 animals. Animals include tigers, lions, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, hornbills, orangutan and more. In addition, these wildlife breeding efforts have proven to be successful. Successful wildlife breeding includes leopards, lions, Siamese, deer, Nilgai, cuckoo bird and many more.


grey crowned crane

It looks interesting with the gold afro hair !


The way that they eat is just too cute!


It looks sleepy and lay on the ground


It just pee in front of everyone, such a good timing isn’t it?


Cute swan with full of white fluffy feather


Pretty colour with the black stripes printed on their body


Interesting so this is how Nilgai looks like


This Orangutan looks gorgeous with the long red hair


It looks like trying to move the tree stem away


Do you guys notice the deer which is laying on the left side of the ground? It looks angry lol


The teeth looks really sharp


I am watching on you!


It looks tiny with the fair white feathers


They line up together for having a rest


This baby elephant looks so lonely so hope it can mingle with the other elephants as well

Zoo Taiping Tour in YouTube

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Zoo Taiping Price Ticket
Adult: RM16.00
Children ( 3 to 12 years ): RM8.00
Senior Citizen ( 80 years and above ): RM8.00

Operation Hours: 8.30am to 6pm (include Sundays and Public Holidays)

Night Safari Price Ticket
Adult: RM20.00
Children ( 3 to 12 years ): RM10.00
Senior Citizen ( 80 years and above ): RM10.00

Operation Hours: 8.00pm to 11pm (include Sundays and Public Holidays)
8.00pm to 12am (for Saturday night and eve of Public Holidays)

For further information: https://zootaiping.gov.my/frame-visit.html

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