【Review】Marriott Kota Kinabalu Hotel Malaysia

【Review】Marriott Kota Kinabalu Hotel Malaysia Malaysia
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It takes about 15 minutes by Grab from Kota Kinabalu International Airport, and is located on main road(Jalan Tun Fuad Stephen) along the seafront, making it a convenient location for sightseeing and dining.

marriott kota kinabalu lobby

In the lobby, there were preparations for the upcoming Chinese New Year. After check-in, I took the lift up to the 11th floor, where I found a stylish hallway.

marriott kota kinabalu hallway

It has a very nice atmosphere.

Executive Suite Room

executive suite room at marriott kota kinabalu

The rooms are 72sqm in size and have living room and bedroom.

executive suite room at marriott kota kinabalu

And a large king size bedroom and bathroom in the back. The bed was comfortable and I slept so well that I was almost late for breakfast!

tea and coffee

There is an electric kettle, two bottles of complimentary mineral water, coffee and tea(Dilmah).

sea view from executive suite room at marriott kota kinabalu

Most of the rooms in this hotel seem to have a sea view.

bathroom in executive suite room at marriott kota kinabalu

The bathroom is spacious and clean with a stylish bathtub.

toiletries in executive suite room

A toothbrush, razor, shower cap, vanity kit, mouth wash and body lotion are also provided.

Facility(Pool, Gym)

infinity swimming pool at marriott kota kinabalu

An infinity pool overlooking the Gaya island.

gym in marriott kota kinabalu

Gym space is small and equipment is scarce.


kitchen@8 is the breakfast venue

The restaurant “Kitchen@8” on the 8th floor will be the breakfast venue.

roasted chicken in breakfast

Wow, I can get roasted chicken from breakfast, probably the first hotel I’ve seen that offers roasted chicken in the morning!

dim sum in breakfast

There was a wide variety of food available, not only Malaysian, but also Chinese, Indian, and other cuisines.

My Verdict

 Value for Money8/10
 Overall Experience7.5/10

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