【Review】Malacca River Cruise at Night Malaysia

【Review】Malacca River Cruise at Night Malaysia Malaysia
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Malacca city has a lot of different attractions like historic museums, buildings, market street, etc. Thinking of what to do in Malacca city at night? River cruise will be the best choice for you to hang around and see the beautiful night view. River cruise will bring you along the river coast of Malacca and enjoy the breeze during night time. Day time cruise is available as well but the weather is too hot for us to take it so we choose night time cruise.


river cruise melaka
The cruise is about 45 minutes round trip.

river cruise melaka
One of the famous hotels in Malacca which is Casa del Rio.

river cruise melaka
Hard Rock Cafe but not Hard Rock Hotel in Malacca city yet.

river cruise melaka
A lot of people walk along the river.

river cruise melaka
Art wall buildings are everywhere in Malacca city.

river cruise melaka
Even art wall apartment is in everywhere.

river cruise melaka
Restaurant and bar are available beside the river.

river cruise melaka
This bridge looks gorgeous with the design and colourful lights.

river cruise melaka
This park is no longer available as we never see they operate for quite long.

river cruise melaka
Such a colourful city!!

river cruise melaka
We can even see St Francis Xavier church from the cruise.

Malacca River Cruise at Night tour in YouTube

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Operating hours: 9am to 11:30pm Monday to Sunday
Address: Jalan Persisiran Bunga Raya, 75100 Melaka
Entrance fee:
Adult | Kid (MyKad) : RM25 | RM15
Adult | Kid (Foreigner) : RM30 | RM25

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