【Review】Dinner at ANA Intercontinental APPI Kogen Resort Japan

【Review】Dinner at ANA Intercontinental APPI Kogen Resort Japan Japan
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ANA Intercontinental Appi Kogen Resort is a five star luxury resort which is located in Tohoku, Japan. There is only one restaurant available in this resort that name Shiratsuyu and it provides whole day dining service that include breakfast, lunch and dinner. We decide to order 6 courses menu for our dinner which are available in Western or Japanese style.


The entrance of the restaurant “Shiratsuyu”

The restaurant environment looks cozy and we feel comfortable to stay here for dinner.

There are two options for dinner menu like Western or Japanese style.

Japanese Style Appetizer: Boiled Fresh Fish from”Sanriku” with Yuzu Citron Sauce
The boiled fish doesn’t taste bland at all with the sour sweet Yuzu Citron sauce.

Japanese Style Appetiser: Grilled Eel from “Sanriku”
We can taste the the freshness of the eel by grilling from the charcoal!

Japanese Style Soup: Scallop Clear Soup with Matsutake Mushroom
The sweetness of the scallop makes the clear soup taste refreshing and good for cold weather.

Japanese Style Main Course: 3 Kinds of Today’s Sashimi
The raw fish taste really good of its freshness and not fishy at all!

Japanese Style Main Course: Assorted 3 Kinds of Charcoal Grilled “Iwate” Beef “APPI” Maitake Mushroom Tempura with Citron Salt and “APPI” Wasabi
Iwate Prefecture Rice”Konjiki no Kaze” Served with Taro and Meat Soup
The beef is from “Iwate” and they grilled it by using charcoal to make the beef flavour much better and comes with the fried mushroom tempura.

Japanese Style Dessert: Japanese Chestnut Ice Cream
Chestnut ice cream tastes flavourful and creamy with the red bean together!

Western Style Appetizer: Grilled Vegetables and Bluefin Tuna With Olives
Grilled vegetables taste good with olive sauce and the bluefin tuna taste fresh and smoky since the surface get grilled but not the inside.

Western Style Appetizer: Baked Sanriku Scallop and Mushroom wrapped in Pate Filo
Pate Filo is a thin unleavened dough and they used it to wrap the baked scallop and mushroom such creative and easy way to eat it.

Western Style Appetizer: Hachimantai Mushroom Cream Soup
They use the mushroom which is from “Hachimantai” for making the mushroom soup then it tastes so creamy and warm!

Western Style Main Course: Poeler of Sanriku Kichiji Rockfish with Red Wine Sauce
Poeler is a kind of combination cooking like steaming and braising at the same time so the fish taste really soft and juicy to match the red wine sauce.

Western Style Main Course: Charcoal-Grilled Iwate Beef Filet and Shiitake Mushrooms
It comes with Poivre sauce, citron salt and APPI wasabi seasoning and the beef taste really juicy and and I love it as the seasoning can bring out different flavour of the beef.

Western Style Dessert: Chef’s Selection (Cheesecake with Apple)
Soft creamy cheese cake flavour and not too sweet with the refreshing marinated apple slices for bringing out the flavour!

Dinner at ANA Intercontinental APPI Kogen Resort tour in YouTube

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Price of 6 courses menu
Japanese: ¥15,000
Western: ¥15,000
Location: 117 Appikogen, Hachimantai, Iwate 028-7306, Japan
Email: ana_ic_ap@ihr.co.jp
Contact: +81-195-687550

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