【Review】KL Tower Mini Zoo in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

KL tower mini zoo Malaysia
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There are zoo in every places of Malaysia like Zoo Negara, Zoo Taiping, Wildlife Park Langkawi and different zoo. KL Tower is one of the most popular attractions in Malaysia for observatory deck and sky deck. But, we will be focusing on KL tower mini zoo which is located out of the KL tower building and in front of shuttle van place. KL tower mini zoo is just a name because the zoo actually is not mini and it is quite big because different types of rare animals are there.



Pretty colourful parrot at the entrance and you are allowing to take picture with it.


I never see this before in my life and it is Mongoose!


Do you guys ever watch Lion King? It is one of the characters in the Lion King movie!


Sleepy cute cockatoo~ My all time favourite pet~

wallaby kangaroo

This wallaby kangaroo is way to cute to sleep in a bag and you can pet it gently~


The iguana live with the other birds together on the tree branches.

black rabbit

Black rabbit walk around freely and interact with the customers.


Both squirrels just hide on the top corner and do stretching!


Pig-nosed turtle looks really cute and lovely to swim around in the tank.

pairie dog

Prairie dog gather and sleep together scene are just too cute!

prairie dog

One of the prairie dogs is having lunch by its own.


Sun conure has strong colour feather and it greets to us from its nest!


This brown alpaca always seem so innocent and look at us.

giant turtle

I wonder how long they live since the size of this giant turtle was really huge!

white monkey

The white monkey are quite fierce so be careful when you approach them.


I never see a brown racoon before and it looks furry that make me want to touch it!

KL Tower Mini Zoo tour in Youtube

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Entrance fee
Adult:  RM35
Children: RM29

Check the discounted price in Klook

Operation Hours
Mon to Fri : 10am to 7pm
Sat to Sun: 10am to 9pm
Address: Ground Floor, Menara Kuala Lumpur, WP, Jalan Puncak, 50250 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 03 2022 3943

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