【Review】Naha Airport at Okinawa, Japan

【Review】Naha Airport at Okinawa, Japan Japan
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Naha Airport is a major airport located 4 km west of downtown Naha in Okinawa Prefecture. As a medium-sized airport, Naha Airport is the main international gateway to Okinawa, Japan. It has two terminals, including a domestic terminal and an international terminal, serving domestic and international flights.

Flying from and to Naha Airport

Naha Airport is also an international airport, with direct passenger flights to 33 cities in 3 countries, including domestic flights. It also serves as the gateway to the Ryukyu Islands region of Japan.

There are a total of 18 airlines flying to and from Okinawa. The top six flights are operated by one of the following airlines.

ANA21 destinations
JTA8 destinations
Solaseed Air7 destinations
Japan Airline6 destinations
Peach6 destinations
Skymark Airlines6 destinations
* The information in this list is the information at the time of writing.


naha airport okinawa japan
Naha Airport looks huge as it is the main airport in Okinawa, Japan.

naha airport okinawa japan
The entrance of Naha Airport.

naha airport okinawa japan
The hustle and bustle that full of people in Naha Airport.

naha airport okinawa japan
Lots of beautiful orchids next to the escalator.

naha airport okinawa japanShishi dog (Okinawa guardian lion statue) protects the Naha Airport. It was mainly used to protect houses and ward off evil spirits, and was also found in Shuri Castle.

naha airport okinawa japan
There are some small events held during my visit.

naha airport okinawa japan
Demon Slayer fans will love this airplane!!

naha airport okinawa japan
A small aquarium is available in this airport lol

naha airport okinawa japan
The restaurant are mainly Japanese, but there are also Western-style restaurants and a café. There is also an A&W, which is only available in Okinawa in Japan.

naha airport okinawa japan
A&W is one of the most popular fast foods in Okinawa, Japan.

naha airport okinawa japan
You can buy some souvenirs before departure.

Naha Airport tour in YouTube

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Hours7:30 – 23:30(Domestic), 7:30 – 20:30(International)
LoungeHana Lounge, ANA Lounge, JAL Lounge, Lounge Ryurin(International)
Charging stationYES
WiFiYES but slow
Luggage Storage or LockerStorage(¥400-¥1,000/day), Locker(¥600-¥700/day)
SIM cardsYES