【Review】The Cheong Fatt Tze Blue Mansion Penang Malaysia

【Review】The Cheong Fatt Tze Blue Mansion Penang Malaysia Malaysia
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Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion called as Blue Mansion due to the colour of the building. Cheong Fatt Tze is the original owner name of the mansion who born in 1840. He was a chinese businessman and he had a lot business ventures in different places. The reason of the mansion is blue because chinese believes white colour brings death and mourning so Cheong Fatt Tze painted the mansion into indigo blue. The mansion served as his home and office until his death in 1916.
The Blue Mansion was sold to a small group of Penang preservationists who took to restore it. After the restoration, the Blue Mansion was opened for public viewing as a boutique hotel.

Tang Double Suite Room

tang double suite room in blue mansion penangThe Tang Double Room is spacious at 53 square meters, it is 1.5 times the size of a “Liang Double Room”.

tang double room in blue mansion penangThe room was too big for me to relax, but when I came into bed, the bed was so comfortable that I naturally fell asleep!

tang double room in blue mansion penangThe keys were large and heavy, as they would be in a video game world.

tang double room in blue mansion penangThe structure is reminiscent of an old-fashioned bathroom, and the atmosphere here alone would make for photogenic photos.

tang double room in blue mansion penangThe Jacuzzi was just the right warmth and just the right strength.

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blue mansion penangThis is the entrance of Blue Mansion. Only house guests of the mansion, tour participants, and restaurant customers are allowed to enter here.

blue mansion penangThe reception desk is located to the left after entering the entrance.

blue mansion penangSymmetrical chairs and tables are all arranged according to Feng Shui

blue mansion penangThis Courtyard serves all day dining and afternoon tea.

blue mansion penangAfternoon tea was served in the courtyard. Even though the sun was out, it was surprisingly cool and relaxing!

blue mansion penangThere is a hidden bar in this mansion, a visit just to the Bar would be nice too!

blue mansion penangThe bar surrounded by indigo blue was photogenic!

Margarita? Cheers!

blue mansion penangThis drink makes me drunk as it is so beautiful!

blue mansion penangFrom here, only house guests can go to this area. The houseguest area is very photogenic, so if you want to take pictures, stay at the Blue Mansion!

blue mansion penangThis spiral staircase is so iconic of the Blue Mansion that many people took pictures with it.

blue mansion penangBreathtaking hallway!

blue mansion penangOld style wooden window looks really gorgeous.

blue mansion penangThe chair and table patterns are really hard to see in this generation.

blue mansion penangThere is a small swimming pool beside the mansion, but I would not recommend swimming in it, it was not cleaned very well.

blue mansion penangHouse guests can take the tour for free!

blue mansion penang

blue mansion penangYou can see the traditional dress of Baba Nyonya and the dress of Chinese marriage culture, which you can only see if you take a tour.

blue mansion penangThe sleeping bed stand from the past looks luxury.

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blue mansion penangOnly house guests and restaurant customers can experience the Blue Mansion at night. The tour ends at noon, so you will not see the beautiful light decorations at night.

blue mansion penangGinger is An adorable house cat “Ginger”, she is shy and doesn’t approach me very often, but she is good friends with the housekeeper.

blue mansion penangNight view from the Courtyard.

blue mansion penang

blue mansion penangUnlike during the daytime, the red lanterns illuminate the indigo blue walls, creating an even more magical atmosphere.

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Accomodation price: https://www.cheongfatttzemansion.com/rooms/
For more info: https://www.cheongfatttzemansion.com/
Tour price (Adult|Child): RM25 | RM12.50

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