【Review】Clearwater and Wind Cave in Gunung Mulu National Park Malaysia

【Review】Clearwater and Wind Cave in Gunung Mulu National Park Malaysia Malaysia
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Our first experience for outdoor activities in Sarawak is visiting the caves which is located in Gunung Mulu National Park. Wind cave is the first cave that we visit and there will be a tour guide to guide us in the cave. The tour guide will explain about the history and the natural phenomena of the caves during the tour walk. We can see bird nest in the cave and the bird nest is not able to eat as supplement.

Remember to prepare raincoat, non-slip shoes, torchlight and mosquito repellent for this outdoor activities. These items are really important for you to walk through the caves.

Riverside in Gunung Mulu National Park

sky bridge mulu national park

Sky bridge in the middle of the river.

Registration counter mulu national park

Mulu national park registration centre.

boat ride mulu national park

Boat ride to Clearwater cave and Wind cave approximately 45 mins around.

mulu handycraft village

Mulu Handycraft village.

mulu handycraft village

The visitors can buy some souvenirs from here.

weapon sarawak mulu

The visitors can try the blowpipe and test the power of the lung lol

The front look of the clearwater cave

The huge rock in the side of the river looks gorgeous!

lantern bug mulu national park

Lantern bug looks colourful like its own name.

Wind Cave in Gunung Mulu National Park

the entrance to wind cave

The way to wind cave.

wind cave entrance of mulu national park

Wind cave entrance.

wind cave mulu national park

Wow! Look at those rocks in the caves for years!

wind cave mulu national park

Breathtaking view from the wind cave.

wind cave mulu national park

There is a bridge to go more forward.

lime formation mulu national park

The limestone formation take years to be formed and looks amazing!

wind cave mulu national park

This is one of our favourite wind cave pictures.

wind cave mulu national park

The same way to go in and out through this lane.

Clearwater cave in Gunung Mulu National Park

The entrance of clearwater cave

The entrance of Clearwater cave.

years of the rock

Single leaf only exists in the caves of Mulu national park.

water bridge

There is a bridge to cross over the river.

clearwater cave

The river is connected between the wind cave and clearwater cave.

clearwater cave mulu national park

Mini pinnacles limestone formation in Clearwater cave.

clearwater cave in mulu national park

The view from the top of the Clearwater cave.

clearwater lake mulu national park

People can enjoy swimming in this beautiful lake as well.

rest place mulu national park

There is a rest place for people to enjoy food or take a rest.

Wind & Clearwater Cave tour in YouTube

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Official page of Mulu National Park: https://mulupark.com/
Location: Gunung Mulu National Park
Contact: (+60 85) 792 600/601/602/603
(Please call to ask for registration and any inquiries before you go)
Email: enquiries@mulupark.com

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